Nan Madol is a ruined city that lies off the eastern shore of the island of Pohnpei and view here. Nan Madol
A cool place to surf. @ P-Pass - Surfing in Pohnpei, Micronesia - WannaSurf just Google It

I'm still seeing a Computer Cache Problem with my ISP Verizon, It would be very nice to have some FCC rules for Music Streaming overPlay or "internet harvesting over clicking" for click counts..

Where is Ralph Nader, looking for a job? 427610 Might be an answer Second Hand Dogs

group "Yung Shredda" all songs here...

group "The Vinyl Plane" song "Dead End"

group"Chris Johnson" song "Picture"

This dude is Cool..

Music from my Youth.. The Doors

Check-out this

Mahalo nui

Roni Sexy Lady of Southern Soul


group "BRIEFCASE BLUES" song "Hey Bartender" and I use -- Aptana Studio3 --

group "Drink Small"

"Margo Valiante"

Check-out Chocolate Thunder

"Jeff Dent"